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Spring is Apparently Here

We had our first calf last night: In Vogue had a red bull sired by Rebel. Up and nursing and healthy, the way things are supposed to be. He was about 5 days ahead of schedule, but another heifer now living down near Kalamazoo calved a full 14 days before her due date. Again, up and nursing and healthy; and born on an 80 degree day in March in Michigan. That is the truly remarkable thing.

The dogs are no longer in trouble: it seems that our new electronic radio fence is working very well. Jem, of course, is too smart for her own good; she knows not to get near those flags without any formal training. Hoyt is another story (can't you just tell by looking at him?) He is so anxious to be near Larry that he forgets himself. Even on the lowest setting, the collar packs a fair sting; he is learning, but he is just not the quick study that Jem is. I don't think she has ever even felt a tickle from the collar.

I've been diligently working on the website; trying to get new photos entered of the yearlings and 2 year olds. In addtion to the heifers for sale, I've decided to add a page or two just for the cattle I am keeping as replacements. Some of them may come up for sale sometime in the future, when I have to make room for younger animals. but for right now, I thought it was a nice way to introduce the newest "permanent" additions.

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