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Back from Denver

Well, we had a successful trip to the National Western this year. We ended up with the top 2 high selling females in the Sale on Saturday, thanks to Apricot Lane Farms in Moorpark, California. Not only did John Chester bid and win 2 of our sale entries, he also was high bidder on the Grand Champion Bull Twinflower Wesley, from Vermont. For once, knock on wood and anything else that will prevent a turn of fate, we got out and back without any serious complication with the vehicle. Had a flat tire on the trailer Sunday afternoon somewhere in mid Iowa; so a brief stop Monday morning in York at a Nebraska Tire Dealer had a couple of new tires on the trailer and the spare reinstated in its place of honor. Although I miss the size of the Ford dually we used to have, I appreciate the lack of trouble our Chevy 1 ton has provided. No clutch to need replacement in North Platte, and no wheels to be rebuilt in Cozad so far. Some trouble with its fussy fuel filter, but if that keeps the engine from being damaged by bad fuel, I'll take it. Now its back to Michigan, with a renewed winter starting up again.

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